All of KEEN's programs are based on a single principle: pair a trained volunteer with an athlete and let them discover together how much they can do. Programs are all open and unstructured, allowing athletes facing significant challenges to have fun and be successful. KEEN programs are open to all youth ages 5-21 with physical or developmental disabilities. Certain programs are for select age groups only.

  • Absolutely Free
  • Volunteer-Run
  • Age Appropriate & Non-Competitive
  • Open, Unstructured and Flexible
  • Tailored for Each Athlete's Needs
  • Inclusive, Regardless of Severity of Disabilities

General Program information is detailed below. Swim and Sports programs are combined, weather permitting. For specific dates and times, please check the Current Schedule.


Swim and Gym: This summer all of our valley YMCA locations will be offering indoor play time as well as swimming. Your athlete can chose which one they would like to participate in. Volunteers will be on the court and in the pool. Please make note that each session this summer will be one hour.
Ages: 5-21


Emergency Phone Number: (602) 404-9622